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    I've been denied by Walgreens again for Primatene tablets and the last time you communicated with me you told me that you didn't see any refusals connected to me from Walgreens that it was a fault in their software. that it's not querying you about any purchase attempts. After our last conversation I went to CVS pharmacy  and was able to purchase the same over the counter med but only a 2 week dose pac. now I only have 2 days left and Walgreens turned me down again. In the online an community rating Walgreens I'm seeing a disturbing trend of complaints about purchases of this type of product containing the same drug as Primatene such as Sudafed and others. Of either refusal and or ridicule or both.   Doug Pruitt

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    Jessi Rae Holderer

    I have 3 people in my home who use this medication. 2 are disabled and rarely leave the home. How can I purchase the recommended dosage for 3 people when it's just me and I can't use my mother's I'd.. do I need a dr note?

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    Nancy K. Barnes

    I’m trying to find out why I keep getting denied from purchasing ClaritinD 24 hour.

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